Innovation, Design and Code

Complete Pipeline

We build apps and games spanning the entire pipeline of a build cycle. Including all audio and visual FX and sales and marketing.

Agile Development

We use the latest agile development methods to ensure our high-quality apps and games are delivered rapidly and  meet the brief.

IP Protection

Your ideas are safe with us, as we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement and use password protected project management systems.

Pocket Games Australia

Hello, from Roger and Sherry Burke,

Partners in developing apps and games for educational use – from early learning, right up to high school and university.

My wife and I share an avid interest – even a passion – in the intricacies of the language we use everyday. Word games and puzzles, crosswords, jigsaws etc. have always been a part of our lives and learning.

Also together, IT has been an integral part of our working lives since the mid 1980s: I actually began my IT career in 1966, working with mainframe computers and, later, directly participated in the personal computer revolution. While Sherry began her IT work in PC computer sales and service in the 80s.

Our major interest, however, is still language. Over the last 25 years, we’ve distributed ebooks on homophones and homonyms: that is, about words that sound the same. I have a BA (Literature and Composition) and an MA (Writing); Sherry has completed diplomas in app and game production. Together, we launched PocketGames in mid-2018 to bring our knowledge, products and experience to the all important field of education.

So, we offer full game design, development and production to deliver full-featured apps and games. In mid-2018, we produced our Novel Words® app, primarily for high school and university students; three educational games for school students are in development and slated for release in 2019.  While education is our primary market, clients with specific needs can expect detailed app and game design documents for other markets, to bring original concepts through to completion.

Additionally, we continue to develop in-house educational  apps and games; and we offer 2D and 3D modeling assets produced and sold with or without exclusive copyright.

Our services provide multi-platform games, including Andriod, iOS and PC covering several genres from casual games and educational apps to augmemted reality, virtual reality and merged reality.

Our Agile process combined with the latest technologies allows delivery of the best Mobile and PC games to the fast growing gaming community. We are currently working with clients from around the world including Canada, UK and Japan.

For complete service, our products are prepared for Android, iPhone, iPad and PC, depending on client requirements and choice.