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For all students and readers of English Language literary fiction.

Scan the list below for the title you want. The challenging words for each title are contained in each  app.

Currently, only Google Play has separate apps for all  titles; at present, Apple policy will allow only Ulysses as a separate app.  Simply click the appropriate link to purchase the app of your choice.

All apps for each title are the same price:AU$1.49 (or around US$1.20).


 by James Joyce


 by Vladimir Nabokov

Naked Lunch

 by William S. Burroughs

Under The Volcano

 by Malcolm Lowry

The Odyssey

 by Homer

Blood Meridian

 by Cormac McCarthy

Madame Bovary

 by Gustave Flaubert

Tender Is The Night

 by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Gulliver’s Travels

 by Jonathan Swift

A Tale Of Two Cities

 by Charles Dickens