Anbernic RG353M: a great retro console for serious gamers

Pocket Games Anbernic RG353M


When it comes to identifying the right console of you, the form factor is very important. That’s where the Anbernic RG353M stands out, because it really has a distinctive form factor, less common when compared to others. While the Anbernic RG353M is very similar to the RG353V from a specs standpoint, they are quite different in regards to the exterior.

Anbernic RG353M design and style

The RG353V is blockier, whereas the Anbernic RG353M has a more complex rectangular shape. This one is a bit better for people that are interested in having a very good grip, but also want to ensure that they can take their console with them anywhere they want. The console itself is heavily adaptable to your requirements, and it even comes with multiple storage options. It is a bit more expensive when compared to its RG353V counterpart, though.

The form factor is definitely not universal, some might like it, while other people will find it an acquired taste. With that being said, the product is made using the CNC process, and it has an aluminum alloy shell. That’s a great thing because it helps you avoid any issues, while getting a lot more durability or security. Sure, it can still get damaged, but at least it delivers more ease of use and dependability when compared to the other options there, which is a thing to keep in mind in these situations.

Screen size

We like that the Anbernic RG353M has a great 3.5 inch screen that’s IPS and with a very good viewing angle. They also have that zero distance OCA full fit, with multitouch support. They make a great deal of the multitouch support, and we can say that it does help. Obviously it depends on the games that you want to emulate. But as a whole, the idea of having these features added in there does help a lot, and it just enhances the gameplay in ways that would be hard to realize and narrow down.

Sure, the 640x480 resolution is not exactly ideal in this age when everyone wants the highest resolutions possible. Yet we need to realize the purpose of the unit and why you want it in the first place. The focus is on playing those retro, older games and for that as a whole, it does a very good job. Granted, if you want to use it for multimedia, the experience might suffer a bit. Yet if you play retro games, those titles look crisp and as detailed as they were intended upon release.

Product specs

As soon as you see the Anbernic RG353M, you realize that it’s a very powerful machine for a retro console. They have an RK3566 quad core CPU, with the main frequency going up to 1.8 Gz. On top of that, they chose to add 2 GB of RAM, which honestly feels more than enough for this device. When we used the Anbernic RG353M, we didn’t have any hiccups or problems. Everything went smoothly and games tend to load very fast.

We do think that upgrading to 2 GB was the right idea, because in some cases you will find games that can feel a little clunky with just 1 GB of RAM. They do have plenty of storage too, with 16 GB of storage being the main option. Then you can choose the extra storage, which can be up to 256 GB. It always depends on what games you play and how many of them you want to play in the first place. Thankfully, upgrades can be done on the fly. You can still add your own extra storage if you want. But ideally, you get the desired version you want, with enough storage that fits your needs.

They have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, but you will also have a pretty decent dual speaker. The high fidelity speaker is much better than the mono speaker most consoles use, even some from Anbernic. Is it the most impressive sound system that you have ever seen? No, there are obviously better options. But for what it is and the price that it delivers, it definitely gets the job done.


As we said, it has Android support, which makes it extremely good for a variety of newer gamers. The ability to play mobile games and retro games on the same device is totally something to keep in mind here. The consoles supported are a whole lot, including PS1, CPS3, NEOGEO, GB, GBA, GBC, MAME, Pico, GW, Atari 5200 and 7800, but also WSC, NGPC, PCE, GG, MD, FC, SFC and so on.

The fact that they have support for 20+ game formats is a huge win, and it shows the tremendous value you can obtain from this type of product. Not only that, but you can also download games in relevant formats from designated sources. We like that the documentation teaches you how to do this. So even if you lack some experience with this kind of stuff, it will help quite a lot.

What is the battery life?

The Anbernic RG353M comes with a great Li-Polymer battery that has 3500 mAh. The great thing about this is that it can go up to 7 hours. It will take 1-2 hours to charge, depending on the situation, so keep that in mind. But it’s great to see that you have the option to charge it at any time without any downsides. It will take a bit of a trial and error to set it up at first, but it’s well worth it.

Should you get the Anbernic RG353M?

The Anbernic RG353M will cost you anywhere from $245 AUD to $285 AUD depending on how much storage you want. Overall, it’s a great console and the price is good for what you receive. Yes, it’s not the most impressive design, nor is it much better when compared to cheaper consoles. But it does provide support for a plethora of consoles, both newer and older. The form factor is great, and you also have very good grip, which is essential for long game sessions!

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