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    About Powkiddy

    The Powkiddy brand was established on April 7, 2018. After three years of operation Powkiddy has become a leading brand in the retro gaming industry. This has led to pow kiddy being recognised as one of the best retro gaming consoles amongst gamers.

    Due to Pow kiddy explosive popularity it has committed to product research and development to meet the market demand. At present, there are more than 50 independent research and development products, including X18, X15, X19, A19, A21, A12, A13, X2, RGB10, RGB20S, RGB10 Pro, Q90, V90, Q20 MIMI, RGB10 MAX、X17, etc. The latest RGB10MAX3 to be released to the market which has already sparked rumours to be the future best powkiddy console.

    Not to confuse Powkiddy with " pow kitty "or" power kitty " has led to many jokes to be made in the community causing powkiddy to respond by producing stickers for the RGB20S product turning it into a "pow kitty". 

    It's pleasing to see that a large company can make light to "pow kitty" & " power kitty " jokes and respond according.