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    About Anbernic

    The Anbernic brand was established in 2017 and has set-out to develop and produce the best smart-gaming devices for players and open-sourced developers. Since its launch Anbernic has released the Retrogame (RG) series and will continue to develop anbernic handheld consoles that will excite customers but also inspire the gaming industry.

    As a rapidly growing brand, Anbernic prioritizes providing customers with superior quality products and amazing gaming experiences at an affordable price, this help customers ensure peace of mind with every purchase.

    This dedication to customer satisfaction has led to the creation of the acclaimed Anbernic console the RG35XX Plus, renowned for its user-friendly interface and open-source capabilities. This groundbreaking products propelled Anbernic ahead of its competitors in the highly competitive gaming market. With this extremely popular anbernic console, it has led Anbernic to creating a new anbernic variation the RG35XXH along with other android handheld consoles.

    With Anbernic's slogan " Inheriting the Classics and Directing the Future"

    Inheriting the classics while directing the future, Anbernic remains committed to both honoring gaming traditions of the past and taking control of the future of gaming (by creating the best android portable game console). With a focus on excellence and customer-centric values, Anbernic continues to shape the future of gaming.