Anbernic RG35XX H – is this one of the top horizontal handhelds?

Anbernic RG35XX H – is this one of the top horizontal handhelds?

the anbernic rg35xx H in its 3 colours

When it comes to finding a good retro gaming console, it can be hard to pinpoint a single unit that fits everything you want. The Anbernic RG35XX H is one of the latest consoles with a horizontal handheld design, and it’s also a versatile option. If you’re into retro gaming and want to try out a unique, interesting console, then the Anbernic RG35XX H might be right up your alley.

Design and screen

The Anbernic RG35XX H design is very similar to other horizontal handhelds. You do have rounded corners, which we found to deliver a very good grip. They did an excellent job at keeping a versatile, yet popular form factor. Also, Anbernic went with multiple colors for this unit. You have transparent purple, transparent white, but also full black.

When it comes to the display size, 3.5” is a great option, and they do a good job of making the most out of it. Playing on the Anbernic RG35XX H seems like going back into the days of the GBA or NES, with a similar feel but a modern way of achieving those goals, and that alone is a game-changer.

They did an excellent job with the IPS display because you have a full viewing angle. So, even if someone is right beside you, they will get to see exactly what you do and how you play. That alone is very exciting, since you can play along with people helping you when necessary.

Granted, the 640x480 resolution isn’t the best; however, it allows you to have a natural, retro feel for the games. When you play games from older consoles, playing on a higher resolution screen makes them look or feel weird. But this resolution feels right, and the OCA full lamination of the display certainly helps add to that as well.

What consoles can be emulated?

The nice thing about the Anbernic RG35XX H is that it has support for over 30 different consoles. Some of the main ones are GBA, GameBoy, GBC, GG, PCE, WSC, SMS, MAME, FC, SFC, PS1, CPS, FBA and NEOGEO. You have pretty much all the major generations of gaming up until the late 90s, along with some great options like the PS1.

Having all of those playable in a single device seems strange, but it’s very interesting, and it shows the uniqueness and power of the device. As a whole, you have plenty of storage space, and the fact that you can emulate so many consoles is rewarding in its own right.

What’s the difference between Anbernic RG35XX H and Anbernic RG35XX?

It’s more or less the same device; the only difference is that the Anbernic RG35XX H is a horizontal version of the Anbernic RG35XX. Other than that, the specs, supported games, languages, even the storage is very similar or identical to the Anbernic RG35XX. Still, a lot of people believe that horizontal handhelds deliver a more authentic experience, and that’s exactly what you are getting here.

Anbernic RG35XX H specs

The CPU is an H700 quad-core ARM Cortex A-53. It’s a great CPU with a 1.5 GHz frequency that delivers an excellent result for the money. On top of that, the GPU is a dual-core G31 MP3. It’s definitely bringing you a great way to enhance visuals and play the older games at a very high FPS. That helps improve the gameplay, and it pushes the experience to new heights.

Anbernic RG35XX H comes with 1 GB of DDR4, quite enough for all the stuff that you will be doing with it. On top of that, the operating system they chose for this is Linux. That adds more flexibility, and Linux does have some really good emulators. It’s also relevant to note that you can download games directly to the device if you want. Plus, with 30+ consoles to emulate, there’s no shortage of stuff to play on this.

We should also note the fact that the device has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. Downloading games to the device is convenient thanks to that, and from our experience, the download speeds are very good, stable, and you won’t feel that much of a hassle.

Speaker-wise, they just kept a high-fidelity speaker similar to the Anbernic RG35XX one. Since we are going to play retro games on this device, the sound fidelity doesn’t really need to be spectacular. And for what it is, you are getting a pretty good result for the money.

Storage space

The basic Anbernic RG35XX H comes with 64 GB of storage space. Considering that most games from those old consoles have a very small size, you’ll find this console to be more than enough to fit your needs.

For the basic version, you pay $150 AUD. If you want a version with 128 extra GB of storage, you will have to pay $170AUD. Considering the price difference, we think that the extra storage version is worth it. That being said, you do have TF card expansion support, in which case you can go up to 512 GB of storage. You’ll soon find that this device has no shortage of space, and that’s what makes it such an incredible solution.

Battery life

Thanks to the Li-Polymer battery that’s 3300 mAh, the Anbernic RG35XX H can last up to 8 hours. The device fully charges in 2 hours, so you will find yourself enjoying most of the day playing your games. It’s a nice device to have around especially for long trips, or whenever you want to enjoy some downtime.

Extra features

Within the Anbernic RG35XX H, you also have some great extras too. For example, they have wired controller and wireless controller support. That can be great if you want to play with friends while on a trip, for example. But that’s not all; they also have HDMI output, so you can see the output on your TV at your own pace. And yes, the Anbernic RG35XX H device also has a vibration motor and WI-FI online pairing.

What’s in the box?

The Anbernic RG35XX H box has pretty much all that you need. It has the device along with the screen protector, but also the user manual and the USB charging cable. Anbernic has also added a gift box here too, which is a great addition if you want to actually gift the device to someone that enjoys games.


As a whole, the Anbernic RG35XX H is a great horizontal version of the amazing Anbernic RG35XX. If you are into horizontal handhelds and you always wanted a great, portable retro gaming console, then this is an excellent pick. It’s light, it has great specs, and it’s very easy to play games from up to 30 different consoles. Give it a try if you want an excellent, horizontal handheld with a great battery life and a solid price point!

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