Anbernic RG405M – is it a great retro console?

Pocket Games: Review of the Anbernic RG405M

Anbernic RG405M – is it a great retro console?

Finding the best retro console for yourself can be tricky, with so many models out there. The Anbernic RG405M is a great, newer release that capitalizes on the need to play retro titles while being very immersive and full of innovative features. That brings the question, is this console suitable for you, and what makes it stand out?

Build quality and design

The Anbernic RG405M builds upon the RG353M from the same company. However, it comes with some much-needed improvements. They made a shell redesign. Now, we don’t have to worry about squared corners; instead, these are rounded. That change is significant because it allows you to deliver more comfort while using the device. Also, it makes the device feel more like a GBA, which is a plus. It’s important to note that the shell is made out of aluminum alloy, and that makes it very durable and dependable.

In addition to that, they went with a 4” touchscreen display. The touchscreen support is significant, because it breathes new life into how you use the device. In some cases, you will even find a few games that support the touchscreen. That’s a great, newer way to play your retro games.

Granted, the 640x480 resolution is not huge, but it’s more than enough to play retro games. If anything, it gives you that PS1 and PS2 feel, all while being very portable and you get to take it anywhere. Overall, the design is great, and the build quality is very good for the device.


We like the controls for the Anbernic RG405M because the device is all about portability and ease of use. What they did is they went with analog sticks and buttons. The DPAD is excellent; you don’t have to worry about dealing with a carpal tunnel problem while using it. Instead, the way you grab and use the device feels perfect and comfortable.

The DPAD also has a great size, and plenty of space, so you can access every button with ease. The movement is also very solid, and you do have a softer touch when compared to other models. For the analog stick they went with hall joysticks. We like the fact they are using high quality rubber, which during our review process was not damaged in any way. You get responsiveness, very good functionality, and resistance to force.

Keeping that SNES color scheme makes the Anbernic RG405M suitable for most retro gamers. It gives that natural, old-school feel. They do provide 2 color variants for the device: a gray unit and a black one. There’s no color combination available; however, you do have multiple storage options.


The CPU used for the Anbernic RG405M is a Unisoc Tiger T618, a 64-bit Octa Core processor. They also went with a Mali G52 GPU and 4 GB of RAM. These are great specs for a retro gaming machine, and that goes to show the exceptional product quality you’re getting for the money.

We like the fact that they are supporting Android 12 by default, so you are getting many security and functional updates with the unit.

Anbernic RG405M supports a variety of gaming formats, with Android Games being a prime example. However, it has exceptional support for more than 20 types of gaming consoles. These include WII, PS2, PCE, MSX, PSP, NGC, 3DS, PS1 and also FBA, NEOGEO, HBA, FC, GG and SMS, among many others. There’s a great selection, and that alone makes it a very good option to take into account as a retro gamer.

Another thing to note is that the base storage for Anbernic RG405M is 128 eMMC. You have different models with 128 or 256 GB of extra storage, so you can add over 3000 to 4000 more games to the unit if you want. However, even for the base model, you’ll have more than enough storage for basic gaming needs. Thankfully, the Anbernic RG405M supports TF card expansion too, up to 2 TB if necessary.

For the speakers, the Anbernic RG405M went with Hi-Fi speakers and they sound very well. You have the necessary Stereo and Mono support, and overall, the sound quality is great. It certainly fits the vibe and style of these units while also being efficient for this type of device.

Battery life

When it comes to the battery, you will be pleased to notice they went with a li-polymer battery that has 4500 mAh. The overall battery life is around 7 hours, more or less depending on what you play and how demanding the game might be. It also takes around 2 hours to charge the device, so it’s easy to charge, and you will have plenty of charge even for those longer trips.

Extra features

An interesting thing to note about the Anbernic RG405M is that it has a built-in hall joystick and a six-axis gyroscope sensor. It also has a wireless protection screen, an OTA wireless upgrade, along with support for the 3.5 mm earphones if you want to play without disturbing others.

There’s also an interesting software option that offers energy-saving settings. You can fully customize the device via its settings, although having this way to save energy when you are low on battery can help squeeze a few more minutes of play, and that’s always helpful.

What’s in the box?

The Anbernic RG405M package comes with the console, the USB charging cable, a screen protector, and a user manual. Anbernic also has a gift box added to the package, so you can easily gift the console to anyone you want.


The standard console comes with a price of $300. If you want the version with 128 GB more, it’s $320, and the version with 256 GB more will cost you $349. Considering the different types of games you can play on the device, this can be a solid purchase for any retro gaming enthusiast.


The Anbernic RG405M does an excellent job at bringing in a way to play a plethora of retro games in a comfortable, convenient way. It has great specs for the price, good battery life, and impressive storage extension features. All in all, we think that Anbernic RG405M is one of the best retro consoles you can buy today, and it’s well worth giving it a shot if you are passionate about retro gaming!

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