Miyoo Mini Plus V3 Is it the best Handheld?

Miyoo Mini+ V3

A lot of peple love their GBA, but the console is limited when it comes to the number of games. That’s why getting a newer retro console which offers support for that and other similar consoles can be great. The Miyoo Mini Plus V3 is definitely in that range, and it brings a larger screen when compared to the previous version, along with a few spec upgrades.

Design and display

What we like about the Miyoo Mini Plus V3 is that it’s designed to be a lightweight unit. And it truly is, at 110g, this is the type of device that you can take with you anywhere you want, and enjoy the experience. On top of that, the 3.5” IPS display is great as well. It’s not overly large, and you can fit this in your bag without any issue.

That being said, the 640x480 resolution feels appropriate, since you will be mostly playing games. Unlike other consoles that focus on Android however, this one uses Linux. So it doesn’t have a very intuitive interface for some. And yes, you will lack support for Android games, which is a bit of a shame. On the other hand, you will notice that this is a very interesting console size-wise, but the specs are also enough for the types of games you can play.

Games supported

There are hundreds of games supported by the Miyoo Mini Plus V3, however what we need to realize is that the console itself is not exactly supporting certain consoles. Instead, it emulates games, and there are games like Doom in this list, but also Vectorman, Alladin and so on. We think it’s a great. Extensive list, and it’s easy to understand why they went this route.

You don’t have the option or means to play newer stuff, and you are limited to a specific game list. That might be limiting for some people that want support for all kinds of retro consoles. But in the end, if you check the list and you like to play those games on it, then it will be fine. It also helps that the price itself is pretty appealing too, so that alone can also be a reason why you want to buy it. And you do have 2 colors to choose from, white and vintage gray.

Processor and memory

The CPU is a Cortex A7, a dual core processor. Considering the form factor and size of this product, it’s easy to see they didn’t go for something very complex or powerful. It’s specific to retro titles, so obviously you are not forced to go with an extremely powerful machine. Based on our experience with it, the unit runs the supported games well. That’s why you want to check the Miyoo Mini Plus V3 supported games list before purchasing.

They only added 128 MB of memory to this device. It’s actually enough to run those games and emulate them properly. Granted, none of the games are particularly new or anything, nor are they very complex. But for the form factor and the features they provide, we think the console is giving you a very good value for money here.

What’s the battery life for the Miyoo Mini Plus V3?

The battery they added here has 1900 mAh, so it’s not huge, and you can’t really expect a very long battery life from such a small form factor unit anyway. But it will last you around 4-5 hours of game time. It’s definitely decent enough, and it will provide you with an extraordinary return on investment. People like these devices since they are super portable, and the fact you can easily commute and then connect with someone else in no time makes it an excellent product.


While the Miyoo Mini Plus V3 doesn’t have excellent speakers, the ones they have are decent. One thing to note is that there are some modded speakers you can buy online that are better than these. Of course, those are only for hardware modding enthusiasts, but it’s still worth taking into account. A lot of people like customizing these consoles and upgrading them, so it can be a good thing to take into consideration.

How much storage space do you get?

The regular Miyoo Mini Plus V3 comes with 32 GB of storage, in the form of a Micro SD, TF card. But they do allow you to add another card, that can be up to 128 GB. Considering the size of retro games, you can have thousands of them even in the regular version. But if you think that you need space for some of the larger games, especially when we talk about the latter GBA, GBC, WSC or PS1 games, then it makes sense to upgrade. Thankfully, it’s not costly to get an SD card, and the unit itself is already inexpensive.

Miyoo Mini Plus V3 pricing

Depending on where you live, the Miyoo Mini Plus V3 might have a bit of a price difference. But in general, it tends to cost anywhere from $100 to $150, depending on the version you buy. Some of the versions you can find online come with certain accessories. Others don’t have any accessories at all, so it’s definitely a thing to keep in mind. Check what’s coming with the package based on the version you want to buy, and then go from there.


As you can see, the Miyoo Mini Plus V3 is an interesting console, specialized in portability and solely retro games. While it won’t allow Android games or anything like that, the Miyoo Mini Plus V3 is a solid addition to any retro gamer’s collection if he wants portability. Everything from the form factor to the overall menus and gamepad itself is very well done. They did a stellar job into making a stellar, dependable and quality product for retro gamers. It’s well worth taking into account if you want a retro console, and the newer, V3 version comes with even more consoles supported and it’s very durable!

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