POWKIDDY RGB20S – A solid purchase for retro handheld enthusiasts

RGB20S in white

We all want to have a great, portable and easy to use console that we can play fun games on. The POWKIDDY RGB20S is certainly one of those products. It’s compact, handheld and very easy to use, but at the same time it has incredible visuals, a creative style and outstanding attention to detail. In addition, it’s an open source console that gives you access to a vast range of emulation resources for a plethora of gaming platforms. That’s what makes it such an excellent option to consider for retro enthusiasts.

Design and style

The design is very similar to a lot of handhelds, but the main focus is always on enhancing the experience. That’s why the blocky design works, because the unit is small enough to fit in your pocket. Additionally, they also make it very easy for you to access the triggers on the back. You don’t always find those in many of the modern consoles made for retro gamers. But that’s included here, and it offers great benefits not only from gaming, but also from a comfort standpoint.

It's important to keep in mind that the 3.5 inch screen is IPS and OCA full fit. They went with a wide viewing angle and the screen is also dust proof, something that everyone needs to take into account. Although the resolution of 640x480 is not ideal, it certainly gets the job done for most users. Yet at the same time, you can go ahead and customize or optimize things the way you want.

What platforms is the POWKIDDY RGB20S compatible with?

If you want to emulate retro games on the POWKIDDY RGB20S, there’s a large selection of options to choose from. They have GameBoy support, Nintendo DS, MD, SFC, FC, GBA, NeoGeo, CPS3, PS1, N64 and MAME. It’s nice to have support for all of these because you will be able to play a rather large selection of games, all of which are incredibly fun and super rewarding as well.

However, other platforms might work too, it comes down to using the right emulation system. Thankfully, they did a good job at keeping a software that offers lots of customization. That means it’s a lot easier and certainly more fun to play these games. That’s why it’s a great idea to check them out for yourself and have fun for a change.


When it comes to specs, we think that the manufacturers did a very impressive job. The CPU for this unit is an ARM quad core 1.5 GHz. It certainly seems more than enough to run retro games, even PS1 or newer consoles. They also added 1 GB of RAM, which for a console like this is more than enough. They also went with a cavity horn speaker, a 2W unit that’s not perfect, but for retro sounds, it does a decent job and it delivers a pretty nice result as a whole.

Storage capacity will vary quite a bit, depending on what option you choose. The regular unit costs $100AUD and it will have 16 GB of onboard storage combined with 32 GB of extra storage. There’s also an option with 64 GB of extra storage, that one costs $120AUD and the one with 128 GB of extra storage is $140AUD. It depends on how much storage you need, but the price difference makes the version with 128 GB of extra storage the most appealing. If not, the others will be more than ok as well.

What’s the battery life for the POWKIDDY RGB20S?

Of course, the type of games and how you play will affect your overall battery life. According to the manufacturers, the expected battery life is around 8 hours of being continually turned on. The device also takes 2 hours to charge as well, so try to keep that in mind. It’s enough for commuting or even traveling for the day, which is nice.

We also have to note the fact that they have support for USB type C and OTG type C. It’s a great feature to have, one that shows the developers are committed to enhancing the experience and making it as engaging as possible, while also offering compatibility with modern devices. There’s also support for earphones too, if you need!

How do the controls feel?

What’s interesting about the POWKIDDY RGB20S is the fact that it focuses a lot on the gameplay and user experience. They truly want to ensure that your gameplay experience is nice, and that’s why the trigger keys are elastic. The entire experience of using this product is very comfortable, which might help improve your accuracy and the way you play.

On top of that, they do an excellent job with the key positioning too. Sure, some might say it could be improved since it’s all crammed into a small space. But overall, it does a great job, although it might take a bit to get used to due to the layout.

Is there any screen tearing?

Screen tearing is one issue that has become quite common in the case of retro gaming consoles like these. Thankfully, POWKIDDY RGB20S has little to no screen tearing. That’s amazing and it just helps enhance the experience in a very powerful manner. You will find yourself immersed into the gaming worlds, without having any problems with viewing angles or screen tearing that deters immersion.

Should you get the POWKIDDY RGB20S?

Absolutely, if you are a fan of retro games and want a simple, lightweight and easy to use retro gaming consoles, this fits the bill very well. It also makes it much easier for you to play retro games on the go, and the battery life is more than decent. You can also expand storage with up to 256 GB, so you are bound to have an excellent time with this device. We encourage you to test it out, and you will have an excellent time reliving games from those older eras, while playing them in a quality that’s usually better when compared to the original!

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