The Powkiddy RGB20S in orange
The Powkiddy RGB20S in white
The Powkiddy RGB20S in orange with the tiger sticker placed on the front
view of the back buttons (R1,R2,L1,L2) of the Powkiddy RGB20S
side view of the the Powkiddy RGB20S showing the wifi button, the volume and TF1
left side view of the the Powkiddy RGB20S in white showing the TF2 slot along with the reset and on/off button
3.5 inch IPS full fit large screen display at 4:3 ratio and 640*480 resolution on the Powkiddy RGB20S
the Powkiddy RGB20S comes equipped with spring trigger L/R buttons
the Powkiddy RGB20S with the quad-core chip
the Powkiddy RGB20S has a small body. 3D joysticks, 2W speakers
the Powkiddy RGB20S comes with a built-in RK3326 quad core 1.5GHz chipset
The Powkiddy RGB20S gas a Dual independent TF system for game storage and operating system for an easy upgrade
The Powkiddy RGB20S has a 3500mAh battery with 2.5A fast charging chip. 1 hour charge for a 4hour game experience
The key description of the Powkiddy RGB20S
The Powkiddy RGB20S dimensions are 120mm long. 83mm wide, 20.8mm high and 29mm trigger
Specs photo of the Powkiddy RGB20S
The Powkiddy RGB20S in white.
The Powkiddy RGB20S in orange
The Powkiddy RGB20S in black
The Powkiddy RGB20S in blue
Powkiddy RGB20S in the colour purple
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB20S transparent purple
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB20S transparent Black

POWKIDDY RGB20S: Retro Handheld, 3.5-Inch IPS Screen, Fast-Charging

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🚀 Introducing the Powkiddy RGB20S - Unleash the Roar of Gaming Excellence! 🐯

Embark on a nostalgic gaming journey with the ultra-compact Powkiddy RGBS20S – your portable gaming artifact! Here's why it's a game-changer:

🎮Compact Design:

  • Ultra-compact shape with a retro design and tiger sticker to attach.
  • A portable gaming for on-the-go gamers.

📺 Immersive Graphics:

  • 4:3 HD 640*480 IPS-LCD for a amazing gaming experience.

💾 Expandable Storage:


  • Dual TF card independent system for efficient game storage.
  • No need to copy games when upgrading the system.

💪 Powerful Performance:


  • High-performance quad-core 64Bit A53 CPU and Mali-G31 GPU.
  • Smooth 60Hz operation for FPS perfection for amazing gameplay.

🌐 Open Source Compatibility:


  • Supports open source systems for easy upgrades.
  • Compatible with mainstream 64-bit 3D simulators.
  • Dozens of built in gaming providers such as nintendo, sega and playstation

🕹️Precision Controls:

  • 3D joystick for an accurate, immersive gaming experience.
  • Real spring trigger LR keys for precise gaming.

Fast Charging, Long Play:


  • Utilizes a 2.5A fast charging chip.
  • Charge for just 1 hour and enjoy 4 hours of uninterrupted gaming.

🕹️ Tiger Style Layout:


  • Double joystick, double ears - for an unparalleled gaming experience.
  • Double S, double eyes, LR - a layout inspired by the majestic tiger.
  • Speaker designed as the mighty tiger king.

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Feature Specification
Color Options White, Orange, Blue, Black
Display 3.5-inch IPS
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Processor RK3326
Graphics Mali-G31 GPU
Storage Two microSD card readers (No built-in storage)
Battery 3500mAh high voltage polymer lithium battery
Operating System Open-source ArkOS
Game Compatibility Supports a maximum of 256GB system card expansion
Games 20,000+ selected classic games
Emulators Supports dozens of emulators
Controls Arcade-oriented with 3D joystick and LR keys
Design Ultra-compact, old-style design
Speaker Located in the middle for excellent sound quality
Size 120 x 83 x 21 mm (L x W x H)
USB Port USB Type-C for charging and OTG
Battery Life Up to 4-5 hours on a single charge
Package Contents 1x Powkiddy RGB20S, 1x USB-C Charge Cable, 1x Screen Protector, 1x Little Tiger Sticker, 1x Manual
Package inclusions for the Powkiddy RGB20S

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