Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 in transparent blue
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 in transparent
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 in blue
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 in black
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 in yellow
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 in white
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 all colours
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 RK3566 CPU
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 5 inch IPS display
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 ergonomic design
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 HD connectivity
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 4000mAh battey
Pocket Games Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 wifi connectivity

Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 (JUST RELEASED) 5.0 Inch 1280x720 Ips Screen

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Just Launched for 2024!

Introducing the Powkiddy RGB10Max 3 - The Ultimate Retro Gaming Handheld! 

Get ready to elevate your gaming experience with the Powkiddy RGB10Max 3. Packed with advanced features and powerful performance, this handheld console is the most powerful Powkiddy console to hit the market.

Key Features:
Enhanced Emulation Capabilities: Powered by a robust RK3566 CPU, the RGB10Max 3 is capable of flawlessly emulating 3D consoles for an immersive gaming experience.
CPU: Powerful Rockchip RK3566 @1.8GHz
High-Resolution Display: Immerse yourself in retro classics with enhanced clarity on the RGB10Max 3's stunning 1280x720 display. Rated the most clear display on any console
Advanced Connectivity Options: Stay connected with WiFi 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 4.2 support. Enjoy modern features like RetroAchievements, online multiplayer gaming, connectivity with external controllers, game streaming, and HDMI out.
Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfort, the handheld's rounded chassis and controller-like grips ensure a comfortable gaming experience, making it the perfect companion for lengthy gaming sessions.

Don't miss out on the ultimate retro gaming handheld. Get your Powkiddy RGB10Max 3 today and embark on a nostalgic gaming journey like never before! 

Technical Parameters Details
System Supports a variety of open source Linux
Game Compatible with various emulators such as MAME/N64/PS/CP3/NEOGEO/GBA/NES/SFC/MD/NDS
Screen 5.0-inch IPS screen, fully OCA laminated, resolution 1280x720
CPU ARM quad-core 1.8GHz high-performance open source chip
External Storage TF1-OS (16GB-256GB), TF2-GAME (16GB-256GB)
WIFI Built-in WIFI 2.4GHz + Bluetooth
Sound Built-in cavity speaker 1Wx2
Battery 4000mAh lithium-ion battery
Input Power 5V-2A
Maximum Power Consumption 5W
Battery Life 2 hours of charging, 8 hours of battery life
Interface Fast charging TYPE-C, OTG-USB, 3.5mm headset
Size 189.5x76.5x18mm (body), handle up to 33mm

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