Anbernic RG35XX in its 3 colours; Transparent white, retro grey, transparent purple.
Anbernic RG35XX in transparent white
Anbernic RG35XX in grey
Anbernic RG35XX in transparent purple
Anbernic RG35XX in Transparent white, grey and transparent purple
Anbernic RG35XX exquisite workmanship a restored classic
Anbernic RG35XX 3.5 inch IPS screen
Anbernic RG35XX Dual operating system featuring Garlic OS
Anbernic RG35XX 2100mAh lithium ion battery
Anbernic RG35XX console features
Anbernic RG35XX Cortex-A9 CPU
Anbernic RG35XX supported games
Anbernic RG35XX HDMI capabilites

Anbernic RG35XX 128Gb

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RG35XX: Your Perfect Retro Gaming Companion

🎮 Elevate your gaming experience with the RG35XX, Anbernic's latest response to the Miyoo Mini. This small retro gaming console is designed for the occasional gamer and is the ideal size for kids, making it a perfect blend of nostalgia and affordability.

🕹️ Size Matters: The RG35XX strikes the right balance - larger than the Miyoo Mini, smaller than the 351V, and just a tad smaller than the 353V. It's pocketable, hand-friendly, and offers comfortable gameplay with a kid-friendly size.

🌈 Enhanced Gameplay: Enjoy a 3.5" super crisp screen, two Micro SD slots, rear shoulder buttons, and a front-facing mono speaker reminiscent of the RG351V. Dive into classic games with ease using the DPad, and take your experience to the next level by connecting additional gamepads through the OTG port.

💪 Built to Last: Despite its affordability, the RG35XX boasts a quality build with a durable 3.5" screen, Micro SD slots, a compact DPad, and rear shoulder buttons. The controls and display provide an enjoyable experience reminiscent of old-school consoles.

🚀 Interface Mastery: The RG35XX features a fixed operating system, ensuring stability and simplicity. While you can't make deep customizations, it comes with a 64GB micro SD card loaded with over 3,600 titles, spanning various consoles. Keep in mind that PS1 and Dreamcast titles may vary in playability.

🎮 Expanding Possibilities: Connect an additional gamepad or link it to your TV with the HDMI out, turning it into a budget-friendly retro gaming console capable of playing up to PS1 titles. Please note that N64 games are better suited for the Anbernic RG 353 range.

🎮 Adding Games Made Easy: The RG35XX comes with a 64GB micro SD card, and while adding ROMs may seem tricky, our secondary slot ensures a hassle-free process. Format a second card to FAT32, follow a simple setup, and you're ready to expand your gaming library.

🌐 Custom Firmware on the Horizon: Stay tuned for Garlic OS, an upcoming offshoot of Onion. With its potential to dramatically increase the console's capabilities, including emulating up to PS1 levels, your gaming experience is set to reach new heights.

🌟 Get Yours Today: Affordable, portable, and packed with nostalgic charm, the RG35XX is the perfect retro gaming console for gamers of all ages. Elevate your gaming experience and relive the classics with Anbernic's RG35XX.




 Grey/ Transparent White/ Transparent purple
Screen 3.5-inch IPS full viewing angle, OCA full lamination/ 640*480
CPU Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9
GPU Quad-core PowerVR SGX544MP GPU
Storage 64GB TF/MicroSD
System Linux Dual OS: (Official system+GarlicOS)
Games Support 20+ kinds of simulator.
Support users to download games in relevant formats
Language Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Speaker High-fidelity speaker
TF card Dual card slots, support TF card expansion, maximum 512GB;
64GB SD card (compatible 5000+ games);
64GB+128GB SD card (compatible total 8000+ games)
Battery Li-polymer battery 2600 mAh, lasting 6 hours
Charging 5V/1.5A, support C2C charger
Other function Support 2.4G wireless gamepad and wired gamepad connection, HDMI output TV, vibrating motor
Console specification
Length 11.7cm;width 8.1cm;height 2.0cm;weight 0.165kg



What's included in the box for the Anbernic RG35XX & RG35XX plus

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