Pocket Games Miyoo A30 four colours
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 In red and gold
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 In red and gold
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in black and white
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in grey
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in black
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in black and miyoo carry case
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in black and carry case
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 carry case
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 wifi connectivity
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 Product description
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 5 hour battery life
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in red and gold plus a carry case
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in black and white with a carry case
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in black and grey with a carry case
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 in black with a carry case

MIYOO A30 (JUST RELEASED) + Free Miyoo Case

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Stunning Visuals
🎮 From the makers of the world’s most popular console, the Miyoo Mini Plus, comes the Miyoo A30. It boasts a high-definition 2.8-inch IPS display, delivering crisp and vibrant visuals with a full viewing angle. With OCA fully fit technology and a resolution of 640*480, every detail of your retro games comes to life, providing an immersive gaming experience. Powered by the A33 processor, enjoy smooth operation and seamless gameplay.

Compact and Lightweight Design
The Miyoo A30 is designed to be lightweight and compact, perfect for slipping into your pocket or bag for gaming on the go. Its portable design ensures you can enjoy your favorite games wherever you are, whether during your commute or while waiting for an appointment.

Extensive Emulator Support
Dive into a world of nostalgia with the Miyoo A30's support for 26+ emulators. From classic consoles to handheld devices, you can download and play games in their relevant formats, reliving cherished gaming memories from the past.

Multi-functional Console
The Miyoo A30 goes beyond just gaming, offering a range of features to enhance your overall experience. With built-in WiFi support, you can connect to online communities, download updates, and access additional content. The console's emulators support instant saving with 10 save slots, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. Game management settings enable easy organization of your game collection, including viewing recent games and accessing game covers for quick identification.

Unleash Your Gaming Potential
Experience unparalleled performance and versatility with the Miyoo A30. Its robust A33 processor ensures lightning-fast load times and smooth transitions, while the sleek design and intuitive interface make it a joy to use. Whether you're a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, the Miyoo A30 is your gateway to endless entertainment and excitement.

Feature Specification
Color Options Red & Gold, Black & White, Black, Black & Gray
Material ABS + Electronic Components
Operating System Linux
WiFi 2.4g
Display 2.8-inch IPS, 640x480 resolution, OCA fully fit
Processor Allwinner A33
Battery 2600mAH, charging 5V/1.5A
Product Weight 186g
Package Weight 310g
Product Dimensions 12.7 x 5.8 x 1.5 cm
Package Dimensions 16 x 9 x 6 cm
Storage 256G game card
Emulator Support Supports 26+ emulators
Save Slots 10 instant save slots per emulator
Game Management View recent games, game covers for quick identification
Additional Features Connect to online communities, download updates
Packing Storage Bag
Pocket Games Miyoo A30 whats in the box

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